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I always wanted to change the approach to teaching and understanding CS among young players. It's time to create the best conditions for developing a new generation of thinking players. You can achieve a lot on your own, but it is much easier, faster, and more fun to achieve results in a community of motivated and talented like-minded people.

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70+ exclusive video lessons from S1mple

Access to an exclusive community of like-minded people

Personal communication with S1mple and his friends

Monthly draws for access to offline meetings, online demo reviews, gaming peripherals, and skins

Private streams and AMA sessions with S1mple and friends

Monthly tournaments with cash prizes and show matches with stars

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Be the first to learn all the meta tricks and techniques in CS2 to dominate in MM and FACEIT

70+ lessons from s1mple and star guests

I am a perfectionist and want to see only the best quality in everything: in the practical value of the lessons, in the quality of the picture, in the activities that will be available only to members of my community.

I personally study all the feedback to make the PlayLikeS1mple platform the #1 place for everything related to CS2.

My goal is to personally share all my accumulated experience and knowledge with my community, to help improve your game, by creating all the necessary conditions for this.


Private Discord Channel

Join my Discord channel, which will be full of activities. In addition to regular AMA sessions with me and my friends, you will have the opportunity to watch private streams, game and demo reviews, and be the first to learn all the insider information, participate in exclusive monthly show matches and tournaments with cash prizes only for community members.


Monthly tournaments with cash prizes and show matches with stars

The competitive element is necessary for a player to grow, primarily mentally. I want to mix tournaments for the community, where cash prizes and intense emotions are at stake, along with fun matches with my friends from the world of media, sports, and esports. Therefore, tournaments and show matches are an important part of the project and an experience that everyone will want to live through.


FACEIT. Strategic partner

For over ten years, FACEIT has been the place where new CS stars are born. You can expect tournaments of different levels and the opportunity to try your hand at playing with adequate teammates who speak the same language as you. Thanks to our partnership, the community will have exclusive access to FACEIT premium features and special content on the platform.

Regular price $149
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